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An ABC of Equality

An ABC of Equality

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A is for Ability, B is for Belief, C is for Class. The best-selling book An ABC of Equality introduces complicated concepts surrounding social justice to the youngest of children.

All people have the right to be treated fairly, no matter who they are, what they look like, or where they come from. From A to Z, simple explanations accompanied by engaging artwork teach children about the world we live in and how to navigate our way through it.

Each right-hand page includes a brightly decorated letter with the word it stands for and an encouraging slogan. On the left, a colorful illustration and bite-size text sum up the concept. Cheerful people from a range of backgrounds, ethnicities, and abilities lead the way through the alphabet.
  • L is for LGBTQIA. Find the words that make you, you.
  • N is for No. No means no.
  • P is for Privilege. Be aware of your advantages.
  • X is for Xenophobia. Ask questions and you’ll see there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Celebrate your Differences, ask more Questions, share your Kindness, and learn to Understand the world.

“Say hello to AN ABC OF EQUALITY, a book that does a fantastic job of introducing complicated concepts around social justice to kiddos. The age range says preschool-kindergarten but honestly, this book is absolutely appropriate for any age. It’s bright, it’s beautiful, it’s easy to understand and inclusive. Introduced concepts include LGBTQIA, Privilege, Xenophobia and many more.”

 —Picturebook Playdate

“Instead of reading this in one sitting, we read it over the course of a few days focusing on 4-5 words at a time. This book served as a great conversation starter to talk about some tougher topics like privilege, xenophobia and racism.”—Charnaie Gordon, Diversity & Inclusion Expert, Here Wee Read

Author: Chana Ginelle Ewing

Illustrator: Paulina Morgan


Page Count: 52


Published: September 3, 2019


ISBN: 9781786037428

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