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Just Beyond: The Horror at Happy Landings

Just Beyond: The Horror at Happy Landings

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Author: R. L Stine

Illustrator: Nichole Matthews and Kelly Matthews


Page Count: 144


Published: May 12, 2020


ISBN: 9781684155477


Two Martians unexpectedly land on Earth and have to get home - by highjacking the bodies of two kids and leaving a trail of trouble in their wake that no one may be able to fix!

Coming Soon to Disney+!

Family camping trips are supposed to be fun, but for Parker, Annie, and the Walden family, they’re an absolute nightmare!

After a creepy, unidentified bird attacks their mom in the forest, Parker and Annie find themselves face to face with two strange creatures that suddenly enter the kids’ brains and take control of their bodies. Can Parker and Annie break loose of this horrific control and convince their family of what’s happening, or will the creatures take over their lives for good?

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