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Mujer De Color (es)

Mujer De Color (es)

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Concocted into a short collection of poems, lyrical essays, prayers, and portraits, Mujer de Color(es): A Poetic Experience is-an ode to imperfections, an ode to the divinity within the mundane, an ode to our metamorphic culturas, an ode to the reverberant voices of brown women and femmes. It is the act of looking at your fears straight in the face and honoring them for trying to protect you but surrendering them to achieve growth. It is a reclamation of our feminine strengths: nurturing, resilience, sexuality, creativity, spirituality, and so many more. It is one path, of a billion, towards healing one person and, through it, the collective feminine consciousness; Y, esto es solo el principio.

I am the first-born daughter of two immigrant parents. Being my parents right hand made me very socially aware of their struggles from an early age. Particularly, their constant struggle with the immigration system. Which is why I am pursuing law school in 2021. Being a Mujer in a very machista household also created a sense of responsibility to bring about change. Hopefully beginning with my generation and continuing for the next and next. There are so many taboo conversations within Latinx homes that are completely necessary to hold in the name of progress. For that reason, I launched Mujer, No Te Rajes Podcast. A bilingual podcast dedicated to vitalizing feminine energies in the Latinx community- and beyond. In the personal sense, poetry is my craft. It gives me a safe platform through which to bring light to all of the injustices buried within my heart and the heart of many others. It's a form to archive my existence through my experiences. It allows me to share the most vulnerable aspects of my humanity, things that I aspire to say out loud someday---- now.

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