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Victoria Weber

Taíno Tales: The Secret of the Hummingbird

Taíno Tales: The Secret of the Hummingbird

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Author: Vicky Weber

Illustrator: Olha Melnyk


Page Count: 28


Published: March 8, 2020


ISBN: 9781734212952


Alida lives in paradise, so what could go wrong? When she meets a boy from the opposing tribe, their friendship quickly blossoms into something more.

...What will happen if someone discovers their forbidden love?


With all the magic of a Disney fairytale, the Secret of the Hummingbird is sure to capture the hearts of children and adults alike. You won’t just enjoy the story, you will feel like a part of it.


Created by an elementary teacher to educate and inspire, children will love learning about the Taíno culture through the retelling of their indigenous folklore, bringing an ancient cultureー and a young loveーto colorful life.


"Taino Tales: The Secret of the Hummingbird by Vicky Weber is a beautiful story that tells young readers about how the hummingbird came to be in Taino legend. Olha Melnyk's colorful and vivid images breathe life into the characters and the story and give it a good pace and movement. The story is both educational and informative and teaches readers about the culture of the Taino tribe, the indigenous people that lived in the Caribbean. Taino Tales is a wonderful story for parents and tutors to read out to children to teach them about the Taino tribe in an entertaining way. The Taino Tidbits section at the end of the book is interesting and gives readers interesting facts about the Taino tribe." - Readers' Favorite, 5 Stars

"The illustrations are beautifully done, the story fun and swift. Id love to see more tales like this in this style, with the strong visual storytelling. It's wonderful to see a book like this that also teaches about a culture that not everyone would otherwise have a chance to learn about. 10/10 for me."-Elizabeth Russell

"This is a beautiful retelling of a Taino tale. The stunning illustrations of the village and characters are each art pieces suitable for framing. While I was unfamiliar with this story, it is reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet, but the fate of these loves is far more sweet. Imagine finding a soulmate and being told you cannot be together. Vicky's book is one I would adopt for a folklore unit in class without hesitation. I wholeheartedly give it a well earned 5 stars." -R. Jones

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