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Casita is an open space for ALL community members to learn, grow, and build empathy though the magic of books.
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  • Book Fairs!

    Have an event happening at your school, program, or organization and want to host Casita Bookstore? Send us a message with all the details! Now doing multi-day bookfairs!

    Pop-up Bookshop! 
  • Virtual Book Fairs

    Looking for a long-term solution? We will set up virtual book fair for 1-2 weeks. Your community members will receive 10% off each purchase and 10% of the proceeds will go back to the school or organization!

    Virtual Book Fair! 
  • Bulk orders

    Need a large amount of books for your school, program, or organization? Send us a message with all the details!

    Bulk Order 
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New Additions!

  • May 10 | Closing at 3 pm

    DTLA Pop-up

  • May 11 | 10 am

    Fundraiser and Open Mic with Pueblita Tortillas

  • May 12 | Closed

    Mother's Day Break

  • May 15 | 6 pm

    Silent Books Party


  • May 18 | 5 pm

    Author Meet and Greet with Ashley Granillo in Conversation with Jesenia Chavez

  • May 20 | 7 pm

    Pop-up for Rod Pulido (Chasing Pacquiao) at Cerritos Public Library

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