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Enjoy a little Cafecito with a new stack of books every month!

We're launching a book club/membership program in support of Casita and local coffee roasters! We're kicking it off with a special Casita Cafecito Club blend by Solid Roasters. The first boxes will go out in March.

How it works: Join the Cafecito Club and receive a 12oz bag of artisanal coffee (retail $18 - $23) every month from local roasters and exclusive discounts on books!

Plus, Cafecito Club meet-ups and Member Day perks throughout the year!

Official launch mid-February to go out mid-March. If you want to know more or thinking about signing up, fill out the form below! 


Where does the Cafecito come from? 
We’ve partnered up with a couple roasters around town to bring a rotation of blends each month. 

How does it work? 
Every month you’ll get a chance to login to
your subscription account and select a new stack of books at 15% off. When you pick up or we ship out your books, you’ll also have a fresh bag of cafecito to enjoy! 

Are there other perks? 
Yes, some months will have additional discounts or gifts for Cafecito
members. Plus, we’ll have a couple meet ups throughout the year! 

What if I forget or miss a month?
The discount on books applies as long you have an active membership. We will hold your cafecito bag for one additional month, after a missed month. So some months you might get two bags of Cafecito!