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A is for Bee: an alphabet book in translation

A is for Bee: an alphabet book in translation

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Author: Ellen Heck


Page Count: 40


Published: June 14, 2022


ISBN: 9781646141272


What letter does the word bee start with?
If you said "B" you're right – in English!
But in many, many languages, it actually starts with A.
Bee is Anū in Igbo,
Aamoo in Ojibwe, 
Abelha in Portugese.
And Ari in Turkish.

Come and explore the gorgeous variations in the ways we talk about familiar things, unified and illuminated through Ellen Heck's eye-catching, graphic scratchboard details and hidden letterforms.


”A gorgeous collection for linguists of all ages."—Booklist (starred)


“Against richly colored backgrounds, the black-and-white scratchboard illustrations dramatically employ contrast and texture. Hand-lettered display type enhances the visual drama and zestfully celebrates the multiplicity of animal names. Cleverly, each letter is hidden somewhere in the composition of its illustrated page, adding an A-to-Z seek-and-find element for children… Combining visual verve with a sense of our worldwide connectedness, this both teaches and entertains.”—Kirkus Reviews


"Kaleidoscopic and delightful. Any lover of language, or any child who likes new sounds, will be entranced."—Kory Stamper, The New York Times

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