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Abuelo, the Sea, and Me

Abuelo, the Sea, and Me

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Abuelo, the Sea, and Me is a heartfelt picture book about a loving grandpa and his grandchild that vividly explores intergenerational connection, the immigrant experience, and heritage through its unique combination of memory and storytelling.

When this grandchild visits her abuelo, he takes her to the ocean. In the summer, they kick off their shoes and let the cool waves tickle their toes. In the winter, they stand on the cliff and let the spray of the sea prick their nose and cheeks. No matter the season, hot or cold, their favorite place to spend time together is the beach.

It’s here that Abuelo is able to open up about his youth in Havana, Cuba. As they walk along the sand, he recalls the tastes, sounds, and smells of his childhood. And with his words, Cuba comes alive for his grandchild.

Abuelo, the Sea, and Me is a tender, heartwarming picture book that vividly explores intergenerational connections, family history, and the immigrant experience.