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Before we weeped

Before we weeped

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This book contains the most intimate pieces I have ever written. They tell the story of a Mexican girl de frontera navigating heartbreak and trauma with no healthy coping mechanisms as she explores her identity and decolonizes/unlearns what she has been taught growing up in a Mexican Catholic patriarchy.


She was angry.

Women have the right to feel anger too without being shamed.

El enojo tiene raíz.


A collection of poems, letters, short stories, plays and exploratory essays. Some are fiction and some are non-fiction. Will not tell you which is which, will let your heart figure it out as a reader. They were written between 2012-2020 (2020 is the year I started therapy).


All pieces are in their original language, from Spanish to English and Spanglish as a way to honor the author’s journey and identity as a writer.


Before therapy taught me compassion I was Angry.


Before Here Are the Tears I You We Didn’t Cry I was Angry.


TW this book deals with heavy topics such as substance abuse, drugs, violence, death, sexual abuse.