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Carlota Shares Her Secret: Carlota cuenta su secreto

Carlota Shares Her Secret: Carlota cuenta su secreto

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Introduce your little ones to the funny ways the game telephone can go wrong in English and Spanish

Pass it on A precocious young girl learns how quickly a story can spread--and change--when her playful secret is told and then retold throughout her hometown. All she has to do is stand back and fall into fits of giggles as the story changes once again. No one's guessed her secret right just yet

Perfect for lovers of mischievous characters we can't help but love and root for, Carlota teaches her neighborhood and readers alike the joy of letting people tell on themselves when they repeat stories they were told were secrets.

Parents will adore this heartwarming read as they discover that even the tallest of tales can interconnect one another, encouraging little ones to be imaginative storytellers.