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El secreto del plátano (The Secret of the Plátano)

El secreto del plátano (The Secret of the Plátano)

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Under the plátanos, a curious grandson dances with his abuela to learn the secret of life

Under the full moon, Abuela leads an enchanted dance, bows to the sky and the night winds, and helps her curious grandson discover the rhythm of his heartbeat while listening to the great secret of the plátanos.

At first his tiny ears couldn't hear it, but Abuela shares that she can't teach something that only her heart knows. This loving and tender story of the magical union between a grandmother and her grandson was penned by Dominican author, Luz Maria Mack, and inspired by a dream where she and her Abuela met again to dance and share the secrets of the plátanos.

Sometimes the secrets of life are written in nature, under the stars, and in the sounds of the whispering leaves. This translation of The Secret of the Plátano brings a lovely intergenerational friendship to a Spanish-speaking audience.

Bajo la luna llena, Abuela dirige un baile encantado y ayuda a su nieto curioso a descubrir el ritmo de los latidos de su corazón, mientras escucha el susurro de la brisa.