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Five Words That Are Mine

Five Words That Are Mine

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If you had only five words to describe yourself, what would they be? That's what a young skateboarder named Mia has to figure out in this inspiring picture book story about finding your own inner strength!

Mia is hunting words for a school assignment today. She needs five words to describe who she is.

It’s easy at first. At the skateboard park, Mia finds words for how she can glide fast and soar high. Words like relámpago—lightning. These words feel good.

When Mia has trouble learning a cool new trick on her board, though, other words come to her—words that won't leave her alone. Words like fail. Are these words really about her, too?

But Mia knows who she is... she’s someone who doesn’t give up. And if she keeps trying, she’ll find her five words, the ones that fit just right.