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Tundra Books (NY)

Flowers Are Pretty ... Weird!

Flowers Are Pretty ... Weird!

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Author: Rosemary Mosco and Jacob Souva


Page Count: 36


Published: Apr 26, 2022


ISBN: 9780735265943


Warning — this book contains top-secret information about flowers! Prepare to be shocked and weirded out by this hilarious and totally true picture book introduction to some of nature’s strangest plants.

Flowers are beautiful. They have bright colors, soft petals and sweet nectar. Yum! But that’s not the whole truth. Flowers can be WEIRD . . . and one bee is here to let everyone know! Talking directly to the reader, a bee reveals how flowers are so much stranger than what we think. Did you know that there are some flowers that only bloom in the nighttime? Some flowers are spooky, and look like ghosts, or bats, or a monster’s mouth. And while most flowers smell good, there are some that smell like dead meat, or even horse poop!

This hilarious and refreshing book with silly and sweet illustrations explores the science of flowers and shows that these plants are not always stereotypically pretty and harmless as we often think they are — they are fascinating, disgusting, complicated and amazing.


"[I]nformative words are accompanied by pretty textured illustrations. . . . Both educational and humorous, this is highly recommended." —STARRED REVIEW, School Library Journal

"Jacob Souva's illustrations keep a playful scrapbook aesthetic . . . [and] Mosco's simple wordings and frequent bee check-ins keep the book grounded and engaging, particularly as an interactive lap read." —CM Reviews

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