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Introduce your little ones in both English and Spanish to the strong bond between a human and their pet - and how one passing away will never do them apart!

Huesos is Abuelo's four-legged travieso, a rambunctious troublemaker with a constant ball of energy and a big bite. Nothing and no one is safe from Huesos' mischief and chomping teeth, from Grandpa's slippers to the neighborhood's mailman. Until on day, Calaca Pascuala knocks on his door and takes him on a jounrey through the afterworld. But even there, Huesos can't contain himself. Will he be able to knock, tumble, and chew his way back to Grandpa, or will he begin to create new forms of chaos from beyond the grave?

Parents will adore this bilingual English-Spanish hardcover as it explores the beloved relationship between a human and their pet and how the significance and importance of Día de Muertos holds enough power to bring them back together.