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Like A Charm

Like A Charm

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After the death of her grandfather, nuerodivergent tween Ramya uncovers a world of mystery and magic--and she's the only one who can see it! From the award-winning author of A Kind of Spark.


"Ramya, you have something this city needs. And it's something that's going to change everything."


Ramya Knox is used to feeling cursed. People only notice her long enough to call her a troublemaker. Except Grandpa. He sees Ramya and her neurodiversity as enchanting. But when Grandpa dies, Ramya's world loses its charm...until she discovers he left behind one big secret: that magic is real and Ramya can see it.


Trolls, vampires, kelpies, and more fantastical beings hide in the shadows for Ramya to discover. But the Hidden Folk need protection from the most dangerous creatures of all: the sirens. These beautiful monsters use their voices to get wahtever they want, and lately they want power. And anyone who resists, anyone who is different, simply...disappears.


It's up to Ramya to finish her grandpa's work and expose the sirens for the villains they are--before their voices frown out the human and Hidden worlds forever.