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Lucky Cat

Lucky Cat

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Author: Melody Cheng, Janet Wang, and Helen Wu- co-creators of AsianBossGirl

Illustrator: Eunice Chen


Page Count: 32


Published: September 20, 2022


ISBN: 9780711270473


Lucky Cat is a heartwarming story about an immigrant family in America, and a new friend their daughter June makes as they prepare to open their restaurant.

June's family has a new home in America. There’s plenty to do before their restaurant opens, but Mama is excited when she findsthe previous owners have left a Lucky Cat! It’s meant to bring good luck to their ventures, and June is even more excited the next evening when she finds that the statue can come to life.

But unfortunately, Lucky Cat doesn’t seem that lucky. She has the best intentions but she knocks over the vinegar bottle and rips holes in people’s clothing. Will she ever get anything right? Luckily, June learns that real luck is earned through hard work and perseverance as the family embark on a new venture, close to their hearts. 

This beautiful book, authored by the hosts of the hugely popular AsianBossGirl podcastand packed with lively, characterful illustrations from the exceptionally talentedEunice Chen tells a funny and uplifting tale of family love and fitting in in a new country.


"A sweet tale highlighting the tenacity and contributions of immigrant families."—Kirkus Reviews

“This sweet story of an immigrant family shows the trials, failures, and challenges of moving to a new country while also highlighting culture, family and tradition as the means to build foundation in a new place. The magic of a family turning toward their roots to make their way will light up your hearts and help readers find the lucky cats in their lives!"—Joanna Ho, NYT Bestselling author

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