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Mermaid Day

Mermaid Day

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From the best-selling creators of Unicorn Day comes a mer-tastic celebration as all sorts of sea creatures celebrate Mermaid Day!

Hooray Hooray!

It’s Mermaid Day!

Shake your tailfin!

Splash and play!

Bubbles popping,

One, two, three,

Mermaid magic

Fills the sea!

On Mermaid Day, the mer-queen throws a big bash. She decorates with seashell garlands and seaweed bows. Creatures of all kinds arrive. Dolphins dance, narwhals play ring toss. But who’s that lurking in the dark—is that a shark?

But mermaids know this shark won’t bite. He’s just shy. As night falls the guests say goodbye to a mer-mazing day.