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Mysterious, Marvelous Octopus!

Mysterious, Marvelous Octopus!

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Meet one of Earth’s most incredible ocean animals in this lyrical, whimsical picture book uniquely layered with photographs, rhyming text, and fascinating facts about octopuses.

This playful book introduces young readers to the fascinating world of octopuses big and small, ink-squirting and shape-shifting, all around the planet.

With their super smarts and awe-inspiring abilities, octopuses have captivated human imaginations. This book is a celebration of all things weird and wonderful about these beloved creatures—with their eight arms, nine brains, and one-of-a-kind personalities.

Inside, find lyrical poetry paired with informational sidebars—perfect for a charming bedtime read or for pouring over for in-depth octopus info. Gorgeous photos of real octopuses give kids an up-close-and-personal glimpse of the sensational cephalopods—from the utterly adorable Dumbo octopus to the stunning blue-ringed octopus—and their incredible habitats and body parts.