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Nosotros Means Us: Un Cuento Bilingüe

Nosotros Means Us: Un Cuento Bilingüe

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A moving bilingual ode to the unshakeable bond between a parent and child in the tradition of Runaway Bunny and The Wonderful Things You Will Be, from a New York Times bestselling creator.

If I were a sheep, you would be a lamb.
If I were a bear, you would be a cub.
As a mother holds her toddler, they muse over the way their love would translate if they were different animals. But no matter how they change, they will always be “us.” 

This bilingual story is a timeless ode to the unshakable bond between parent and child.

Si yo fuera una oveja, tú serías un cordero.
Si yo fuera una osa, tú serías un osezno.
Con su niño en brazos, una madre contempla cómo sería el amor entre ellos si fueran diferentes animales. Pero por mucho que cambien, no importa. Siempre serán “nosotros”

Este cuento bilingüe es una oda eterna al lazo irrompible entre madre e hijo.

Author: Paloma Valdivia


Page Count: 32


Published: May 11, 2021


ISBN: 9780593305140

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