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So Many Feelings

So Many Feelings

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Author: Larissa Honsek


Page Count: 16


Published: August 2, 2022


ISBN: 9781641706490


I feel happy! 
I feel angry. 
I feel silly!

Teaching children how to name their feelings is the first step toward helping them express those feelings appropriately and feeling empathy for the feelings of others. From artist Larissa Honsek, the creator of Opposites and Let's Move!, comes a new cast of colorful clay characters to teach toddlers about emotions because we all have big feelings.


Silly or angry, calm or grumpy, many feelings big and small are depicted in this adorable board book for toddlers and preschoolers. The overall message from the author is that all feelings are good feelings. This is an important lesson for all of us, but especially for our youngest. Hitting hurts and it is not a desirable outcome for being angry. Helping young ones to communicated their feelings diminishes those challenging behaviors and work towards better solutions. The colors in this book are calming grays, greens and blues and star the most endearing little clay creatures. With their simple blob bodies and expressive facial features, all young readers will enjoy discovering more about feelings. This book would make an excellent literacy component to such social emotional activities as play dough faces, emotion match games, coloring to music and more. Additional fun activities to connect and enhance your toddler or preschoolers experience with this book might include making your own set of adorable clay creatures, beanie sock creatures, or a photo book of your class or family making different faces and labeling those feelings.—Children's Literature

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