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The Boyfriend Subscription

The Boyfriend Subscription

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BOYFRIEND MATERIAL meets PRETTY WOMAN in this witty, emotional take on a classic story with a queer twist. When a well-to-do sex worker and app founder needs a partner to appeal to his investors, he engages a struggling plant influencer in desperate need of some cash with two rules: no kissing and no falling in love. But just like a fresh bed of soil, they soon discover that some rules are meant to be broken.

Equal parts sizzling and sweet, and irresistibly fresh, Steven Salvatore’s The Boyfriend Subscription is the Pretty Woman that LGBTQIA+ New Adult RomCom fans have been waiting for.

What happens when a simple deal gets…complicated?

After losing his marriage and his beloved retail plant business, Teddy Hughes is ready to drown his sorrows—or would be, if he could afford another beer in his favorite dive bar. And then a gorgeous stranger walks in, with cheekbones that could cut glass and a confidence that leaves Teddy panting.

Like the leather harness he wears under his Armani suit, Cole Vivien is a mass of contradictions. He’s a successful entrepreneur whose app, VERSTL, allows consumers and sex workers to form real—if temporary—connections. But now Cole is in the unfamiliar position of needing something from someone else. A fake boyfriend can help Cole project a more traditional image for a potential investor. And Teddy—shy, smart, and so much hotter than he knows—is perfect for the part. Maybe too perfect.

Every business deal has terms and conditions, and Cole’s are final. There’ll be no kissing. No falling in love. In exchange for one week together, Teddy will get enough money to get back on his feet, and then they can kiss this thing goodbye.

But Cole doesn’t do kissing. Or falling in love. Right?