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The Lizard Prince and Other South American Stories

The Lizard Prince and Other South American Stories

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In this thrilling and chilling comics collection, some of today’sfinest cartoon art talents reimagine folklore from South America with a moderntwist. 

"By turns gripping, haunting, and tender, this collection is a winner."  KIRKUS Starred Review
“They say a couple lines written on a piece of paper can sealyour fate. I think they might be right.”

Cursed princes, doomsday prophecies, fanciful pineapplewishes, and a fateful nighttime visit from a legendary sorcerer – these arejust a few of the ancient tales whispered in the forests of South America,retold in this beautifully drawn comics treasury!

This sixth volume of the “Cautionary Fables and Fairytales”anthology series features modern takes on folklore from across the continent,for a wide-ranging fireside collection of thrills and spooky chills. Featuring the work of SHADIA AMIN, CONI YOVANINIZ, VERÓNICA ALVARADO, and more!