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The Queer Girl is Going to Be Okay

The Queer Girl is Going to Be Okay

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Publishers Weekly Best of the Year

Queer Love. Something Dawn wants, 
desperately, but does not have. But maybe, if she can capture it, film it, interview the people who have it, queer love will be hers someday. Or, at least, she'll have made a documentary about it. A documentary that, hopefully, will win Dawn a scholarship to film school. Many obstacles stand in the way of completing her film, but her best friends Edie and Georgia are there to help her reach her goal, no matter what it takes. A touching and joyous story of queer friendship and girlhood set in the vibrant city of Houston, THE QUEER GIRL IS GOING TO BE OKAY will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you believe that eventually, everything will be okay.


★ “Art imitates life in Walls’s timely and emotionally raw debut….Walls expertly navigates sometimes-overwhelming feelings of grief, internalized self-hatred, and love, as well as the complexity of queer teenage relationships.”
Publishers Weekly (starred) 

★ “Walls has created an enveloping, affirming world and a story that moves at a steady clip, thanks to their witty dialogue interspersed with text messages, emotional gut punches, and profound truths… Spoiler alert: the queer girl is okay at the end, and it is because the fiercest love is between friends.”
Booklist (starred)

“Funny and moving…
The Queer Girl is Going To Be Okay is an explosion of queer joy and healing, and it’s absolutely going to be your new favorite book."
—Mark Oshiro, New York Times Bestselling author of Into The Light

“Three queer best friends navigate love and relationships as they prepare to graduate high school… Emotionally moving.”

“Touching, beautifully written. I hope every queer teen learning to trust their voice and searching for their own place in the world reads 
The Queer Girl is Going to Be Okay.
—Brynne Rebele-Henry