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To the Other Side

To the Other Side

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Author: Erika Meza


Page Count: 40


Published: March 14, 2023




Author-illustrator Erika Meza delivers a stunning and emotionally rich book from the viewpoint of those most impacted by border walls: young refugee children. This powerfully told tale highlights the spirit and strength of those embarking on a dangerous trek, and what awaits them on the other side.


My sister tells me the rules of the game are simple.


Avoid the monsters. Don't get caught. And keep moving.


If the monsters catch you, you're out.


A young boy and his older sister have left home to play a game. To win, they must travel across endless lands together and make it to the finish line. Each child imagines what might be waiting for them across the border: A spotted dog? Ice cream! Or maybe a new school.


But the journey is difficult, and the monsters are realer than they imagined. And when it no longer feels like a game, the two children must still find a way to forge ahead.


"The story is ultimately hopeful, gently providing probing insight into the lives of the youngest migrants. A gorgeously rendered, heartbreaking look at one family's immigration experience." -- Kirkus Reviews (starred review)


"More relevant than ever, this perceptive and exquisitely illustrated picture book will leave its readers questioning the complex reality of child migration." -- Flavia Z. Drago, author-illustrator


"With moving text and vibrant, kinetic images, Erika Meza celebrates in To the Other Side the tenacity, imagination, and resilience of children traveling northward in search of freedom and safety. Scenes of ludic solidarity with other kids and adults are balanced by darker, solitary hints of the dangers these young refugees face. Erika lovingly crafts colorful masks for everyone, reflections of the asylum-seekers' Indigenous heritage, a rooted identity that gives them strength even in the most difficult moments. A stunning, important book that will move hearts and minds." -- David Bowles, author of My Two Border Towns and Ancient Night


There are many books about identity and belonging, but none have impacted me as much as To The Other Side. This is a powerful and moving story about a brother and sister, the love that binds them and protects them, and the power of children to see light and magic even in the most harrowing circumstances. The lyrical text and beautiful illustrations transported me. But even when the journey is over, their story continues. I'm honored that To The Other Side is now a part of me, too. -- Yamile Saied Méndez, award winning author of Where Are You From?


"This powerful solo work by Meza follows two unaccompanied, Latinx-cued children heading for the U.S.-Mexico border. It's a realistic but hopeful look at two children's emigration." -- Publishers Weekly (starred review)

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