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You're Going to Love This Book!

You're Going to Love This Book!

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From the #1 New York Times bestselling author Jory John comes this laugh-out-loud picture book that you are going to absolutely love!

No, really, you are. It’s got everything you could ever want: comedy, drama, action, heart. Plus—are you ready? It’s got homework! Ahh yeah! And a trip to the best place ever, the dentist! Ahhhh yeahhh! Additionally—brace yourself—it’s got raisins! Nature’s candy. AHH YEAHHH! This book is so great, you won’t be able to stop reading it. I DARE you not to have fun.

Sure to bring a smile to the faces of even the grumpiest readers, this laugh-out-loud story from #1 New York Times–bestselling author Jory John and internationally acclaimed illustrator Olivier Tallec is perfectly kid-friendly—hilarious enough to come back to again and again.