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Yours For The Taking: A Novel

Yours For The Taking: A Novel

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A thrilling queer debut novel set several decades in the future and following an unforgettable cast of characters as they become swept up into a strange and exclusive new society.

The year is 2050. Ava and her girlfriend live in what's left of Brooklyn, and though they love each other, it's hard to find happiness while the effects of climate change rapidly eclipse their world. Soon, it won't be safe outside at all. The only people guaranteed survival are the ones whose applications are accepted to The Inside Project, a series of weather-safe, city-sized structures around the world.

The director of the Inside being built on the bones of Manhattan is Jacqueline Millender, a reclusive billionaire/women’s rights advocate. Her ideas are unorthodox, yet alluring, challenging the very concept of empowerment.

Shelby, a business major from a working-class family, is drawn to Jacqueline’s promises of power and impact. When she lands a job as Jacqueline’s personal assistant, she's swept up into the glamourous world of corporatized feminism. Also drawn into Jacqueline's orbit is Olympia, who Jacqueline recruits to run the health department Inside. The more Olympia learns about the project, though, the more she realizes there's something else at play. As Ava, Olympia, and Shelby start to notice the cracks in the system, Jacqueline tightens her grip, becoming increasingly dangerous in what she is willing to do—and who she is willing to sacrifice—to keep her dream alive.

At once a mesmerizing story of queer love, betrayal, and chosen family, and an unflinching indictment of cis, corporate feminism, Yours for the Taking holds a mirror to our own world, in all its beauty and horror.